1826 – Cabin built by Thomas and Sarah West

1871-1874 – William Hartman purchased property from several heirs of the estate of Mary West, wife of Charles West (son of Thomas and Sarah West.)

1880 – Addison and India Harris purchased property at a Sheriff’s Auction. The property included 2 houses, a stable, a well, 2 fruit bearing orchards and farmland. The acreage totaled 287 acres.

1895-1899 – Addison and India Harris redesigned and enlarged the cabin to the stately home seen today for use as a summer residence and for entertaining. The stone summer kitchen and stone entry pillars were also built at this time.

1899-1901 – Addison Harris served in an ambassadorship role to the Austro-Hungarian Empire as an appointee during the McKinley administration.

1916 – Addison Harris died from a stroke. India Harris inherited the property and continued to use it as her summer residence and for entertaining.  The farmland was leased out to a tenant farmer and additional improvements were made to the property.

1948 – India Harris died, missing her 100thbirthday by two months. She bequeathed the home and land totaling now more than 400 acres to Indiana University and her personal property to her attorney John Becker. John Becker acted as executor of India Harris’ will.

1954 – Indiana University sold 195 acres to the Oaklawn Memorial Gardens cemetery.

1962 – Indiana University sold the home and 211 acres of land to John and Mayme Becker.

1967 – John Becker died.

1985 – Mayme Becker continues to reside in and care for the house. The house is placed on the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures.

1995 – Mayme Becker died.

1996 – Washington Park Cemetery acquired the home and 192 acres. Davis Homes purchased 27 acres. The home and property along the White River were given to the then Town (now City) of Fishers.  The Fishers Historic Preservation Committee was formed to advise on the new use and rehabilitation of the home.  The home was moved to its new location in Heritage Park at 106th Street and Eller Road in the fall of 1996. The stone outbuilding was relocated in the spring of 1997.

2003 – Fishers Heritage Park at White River opened to the public on April 26.

2004 – The Historic Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens 501 (c) 3 Board of Directors formed. A fundraising plan was developed, application for tax exempt status was submitted, and by-laws and articles of incorporation approved for the new board.

2009 – Restoration and rehabilitation of the house was completed and landscaping was well underway. The house was officially opened to the public as a destination for community events and private rentals as well as a local historic site in a well-attended ceremony in June. Jeff Wilson became President of the Board. Dana Neufer and Marj Sparks managed the Rental Events program.