House & Gardens

The Historic Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens is owned and operated by the City of Fishers Parks & Recreation Department in cooperation with a volunteer Board of Directors. It is maintained as a peaceful retreat in a natural setting, available to the community as an events center, public gardens, and local history site with a small collection of historic photographs, postcards, documents, and other items.

Historic Roots

The Ambassador House, built in the mid-1820’s, was part of a large farm on the northwest corner of 96th Street and Allisonville Road. Addison Harris, Ambasasdor to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife India purchased the home as their summer residence and was most often used for entertaining.

After their passing, the house was bequeathed and later acquired by the then Town of Fishers. The town oversaw the relocation of the house to it’s current home in Heritage Park. The stone outbuilding was subsequently relocated in the spring of 1997.

In 2004 The Historic Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens 501(c)3 Board of Directors formed. From 2004 to 2009 the house was restored and rehabilitated, and in 2009 it officially opened as a destination for community events and private rentals as well as a historic site.